As shown in the navigation bar, the SNAP-Ed Toolkit includes the InterventionsEvaluation Framework, and Glossary components.

snap-ed_homepageicon-01 In the Interventions component, you can search for evidence-based obesity prevention and policy, systems, and environmental change (PSE) interventions:
  • Conduct an advanced search for interventions using various criteria, such as by target behavior, on the Find Interventions page.
  • Browse all of the interventions on the List of Interventions page and click the link to an intervention to learn more about it.
  • Information on each intervention is provided in a similar format, allowing you to read more about the intervention’s reach and key components, evidence summary, and more.
  • Explore links to associated outcome indicators from the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework for each intervention.
snap-ed_homepageicon-02 In the Evaluation Framework component, you can learn about each outcome indicator from the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework:
  • Browse all of the evaluation indicators on the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework page. Click on an indicator to learn more about the indicator’s background and context, outcome measures, surveys and data collection tools, and more. At the bottom of the page, you can search for specific terms within the framework and indicator pages.
  • Read background material on the Individual, Environmental Settings, Sectors of Influence, and Population Results levels by clicking on these bold, blue-colored terms on the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework page.
  • Find additional content from the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework and Interpretive Guide on the How to Use the Framework and Appendices pages.
snap-ed_homepageicon-04 The Glossary includes terms from the Interventions and Evaluation Framework:
  • Browse all terms and full definitions on the Glossary page.
  • Find these terms throughout the website, identified with a dotted blue line under the term. Scroll over a term underlined in dotted blue and a short definition of this term will pop up.
In the Policy, Systems and Environmental Integrative Map site:
  • Learn, through video modules and support resources, how to implement and evaluate SNAP-Ed Policy, Systems and Environmental (PSE) approaches in community settings.
  • Evaluate SNAP-Ed stakeholders’ collaboration readiness through the use of Collaboration Readiness Tools and online video tutorial.
  • Discover information about developing an intercultural mindset as you work with diverse audiences, partners and employees.
  • Review tasks and duties necessary by staff for implementation of Policy, Systems and Environmental approaches. These were identified through a nationwide expert panel of SNAP-Ed Administrators to support the development of competency-based trainings including the Cornell University on-line course “Making the Healthy Choice, the Easy Choice”.

   Visit the SNAP-Ed PSE Integrative Map website »

Lastly, the Search field on the navigation bar at the top of the page is a quick search that will look for your search terms on every page of the website. For more tailored search results, you should use the Find Interventions page for intervention-related searches and on the bottom of the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework page for evaluation framework-related searches.

Suggested Citation for Toolkit Content:

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Example: UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. (2016). The SNAP-Ed Toolkit Online Interventions. [Online] Available at:  (Accessed: 30 September 2021).

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