Healthy Eating Active Living – Mapping Attributes using Participatory Photographic Surveys (HEAL MAPPS™)

Healthy Eating Active Living Mapping Attributes using Participatory Photographic Surveys (HEAL MAPPS™) is an engaged discovery program to help community stakeholders identify target audiences’ experience of place-based resources and intervene with PSE strategies to increase easy access to healthy eating and physical activity supports. HEAL MAPPS™ engages people in community‐based participatory research (CBPR) to accomplish two objectives: (1) document attributes of the community/neighborhood environment that are experienced by residents to support or hinder obesity-preventing behavioral patterns, and (2) assess local resources and readiness to implement community‐level policy, systems, and environmental strategies to prevent unhealthy weight gain/overweight and obesity among targeted youth and adult populations.  The MAPPS™ method integrates participatory photography and community mapping using global positioning system (GPS) technology, and residents’ voiced perceptions of their community place to explore, understand, and improve the culture and context for health.

Target Behavior: Healthy Eating, Physical Activity

Intervention Type: PSE Change

Healthy Behaviors Initiative (HBI)

The Healthy Behaviors Initiative (HBI) is an after school (AS) program designed to enable and recognize on-site staff to offer practical, user-friendly and effective nutrition, physical activity (PA), and food security intervention activities. HBI is a multi-level effort for the children, site staff, sponsoring organizations, and the multi-county Superintendent regions to complement in-school and community resources. A key to success in the infrastructure is the opportunity for AS programs to become certified by the Center for Collaborative Solutions as a HBI Learning Center. Learning Centers provide modeling, peer support, mentoring, and exchange among AS sites in their geographic areas.

Target Behavior: Healthy Eating; Physical Activity

Intervention Type: PSE Change

Cooking with Kids for a Healthy Future (CWK)

Cooking with Kids for a Healthy Future (CWK) is a school-based food nutrition education curriculum program designed to educate and empower children and families to make healthy food choices through hands-on learning with fresh, affordable foods from diverse cultural traditions.  The program uses 3 nutrition education and obesity prevention approaches: direct education, multi-level interventions at multiple complementary organizational and institutional levels, and community and public health approaches to improve nutrition. CWK includes integrated curriculum guides (bilingual and grade-specific) with cooking lessons, school lunch recipes, how-to-videos, recipes, and other resources. CWK provides nutrition education in SNAP-Ed qualifying public schools and supports community and public health approaches, including the development of teaching kitchens in schools and the support of Farm to School and Child Nutrition Program staff training.

Target Behavior: Healthy Eating

Intervention Type: Direct Education, Social Marketing, PSE Change