ST7: Organizational Partnerships*

Partnerships with service providers, organizational leaders, and SNAP-Ed representatives in settings where people eat, learn, live, play, shop, and work.

*SNAP-Ed Priority Outcome Indicator

ST6: Champions

This indicator is intended to identify people who provide sustained and often charismatic leadership that successfully advocates for, creates appeal of, or improves access to nutrition and physical activity in various organizations or environmental settings. SNAP-Ed [glossary]champions[/glossary] are community members, participants, partners, and organizational leaders who extend their influence beyond direct delivery sites of SNAP-Ed interventions. In many SNAP-Ed programs, there are award and recognition programs to thank and celebrate efforts of people whose contributions went above and beyond the normal course of collaborative action.

ST5: Need and Readiness

Two-part indicator measuring sites or organizations where there is identified need for PSE changes and associated organizational and staff readiness for adopting PSE changes has been assessed.