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Health EmPowers You! is a direct education and PSE change intervention designed to increase physical activity (PA) in elementary schools using the Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program Model, promoted by CDC, to improve whole school PA programming, policies, systems, and environments. Health EmPowers You! has the following five objectives:(1) improve aerobic capacity health-related fitness levels, (2) maintain or decrease BMI levels, (3) increase daily opportunities for PA before and/or during school, (4) increase moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) time during PE, and (5) improve the school environment for PA.

Target Behavior: Physical Activity

Intervention Type: Direct Education, PSE Change

Intervention Reach and Adoption

Health EmPowers You! targets elementary-aged students in  schools. The model has been adapted for middle schools and after-school settings.

Setting: Schools

Target Audience: Elementary School

Race/Ethnicity: All

Intervention Components

Health EmPowers You! includes the following components:

  • > 20 hours professional development,
  • Technical support,
  • Program and curriculum resources,
  • PA equipment and tracking devices,
  • External evaluation services.

Intervention Materials

Currently, no intervention materials are available online. Materials and training are currently being developed for dissemination and should be available in FY18.

Intervention Costs

$3,925 per training of 30 school staff participants. Includes trainer, training resources, intervention materials and incentives. Does not include travel or participant stipends.

Evidence Summary

Highlights of evaluation results include the following:

  • PA behaviors:
    • The mean number of minutes spent in MVPA during PE class increased from baseline to the final measurement by 2.6 minutes, or by 11.3%.
    • The percentage of allocated PE time spent in MVPA increased by 11.5%.
    • The number of daily steps taken by fourth graders each day at school increased from baseline to post-test by 7.5%.
  • PA Supports Adopted:
    • 30 of the 39 schools adopted a before-school program with sessions offered at least 2 days a week.
    • 22 of the 30 schools offered a before-school program for sessions of 20 minutes or longer.
  • Healthy Weight:
    • Body Mass Index percentile rank changes in 2,524 4th grade students assessed from pre- to post: decreased – 57.2%, increased – 39.5%, stayed the same – 3.3%.
  • Aerobic Capacity – Healthy Fitness Zone:
    • At baseline, 52.0% of students achieved the Healthy Fitness Zone for the 20 meter PACER test, a validated aerobic capacity test. The percentage of students achieving the Healthy Fitness Zone increased to 61.7% for the post-test. The Healthy Fitness Zone is the “level of fitness that research has shown to be necessary for good health.”

Classification: Practice-tested

Evaluation Indicators

Based on the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework, the following outcome indicators can be used to evaluate intervention progress and success.

Readiness and Capacity – Short Term (ST) Changes – Medium Term (MT) Effectiveness and Maintenance – Long Term (LT) Population Results (R)
Individual ST3 MT3 LT3
Environmental Settings MT6 LT6
Sectors of Influence

Evaluation Materials

Evaluation materials include pre/post PACER tests, BMI measurements, physical activity opportunities and environmental changes, self report physical activity behaviors, and steps per day.

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