Rethink Your Drink

California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch (NEOPB)


The Rethink Your Drink Campaign is an evidence-based educational campaign designed to inform users about the relationship between sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and increases in rates of overweight and obesity. The program provides nutrition education and recommendations for improving overall health, but specifically emphasizes reducing intake of soda, energy drinks, and sports drinks.  Social marketing as well as direct education materials including curricula and lesson plans, posters, handouts, fact sheets, and recipe cards can be implemented in school and community-based settings. The program aims to educate low-income children and adults about healthy drink options, specifically promoting the consumption of water.

Target Behavior: Healthy Eating

Intervention Type: Direct Education, Social Marketing

Intervention Reach and Adoption

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch (NEOPB) developed the Rethink Your Drink Campaign to educate low-income children and adults about sugar-sweetened beverage consumption. The materials were developed and initially tested in English and Spanish to be applicable for the target audiences.  The program was implemented statewide in schools and a variety of community-based settings. The Rethink Your Drink campaign was implemented in schools, both during and after school, and in variety of other settings including child care centers, faith-based organizations, adult rehabilitation centers, SNAP and Head Start offices, farmers’ markets, emergency food assistance sites, job training centers, and extension offices.

Setting: Community, School

Target Audience: Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Parents/Mothers/Fathers, Adults

Race/Ethnicity: All

Intervention Components

Rethink Your Drink includes direct education materials and a social marketing campaign to reach low-income adults and children. These intervention components provide information on the health risks associated with sugar-sweetened beverages and promote healthy beverage choices. This intervention can be delivered to English and Spanish-speaking audiences in a variety of settings including schools and other community-based organizations.

Intervention Materials

All Resources for the Rethink Your Drink campaign are available here:

Program Resources Include:

All materials and resources for the Rethink Your Drink training are available here:

Intervention Costs

Materials available at no cost.

Evidence Summary

In 2013, 50 local projects working with adults and youth measured beverage consumption, with the following results:

  • 3 percent decrease in soda consumption by youth;
  • 4 percent decrease in fruit drink, sports drink, and punch (not soda) consumption by teens;
  • 6 percent decrease in SSB consumption by adults

Classification: Practice-tested

Evaluation Indicators

Based on the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework, the following outcome indicators can be used to evaluate intervention progress and success.

Readiness and Capacity – Short Term (ST) Changes – Medium Term (MT) Effectiveness and Maintenance – Long Term (LT) Population Results (R)
Individual ST1 MT1
Environmental Settings
Sectors of Influence MT12

Evaluation Materials

In 2013, NEOPB conducted a statewide evaluation of diet and physical activity practices among youth, teens, and adults in California. The primary outcomes were fruit and vegetable consumption (F&V), and sugar-sweetened beverage intake. These outcomes were measured in 12,932 youth and adults participating in the SNAP-Ed programs. The Food Behavior Checklist (FBC), the Fruit and Vegetable Checklist (FVC), the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), and the Network Youth Survey were used.

These evaluation materials are used to assess the impact of all NEOPB campaigns and programs collectively and the individual impact of the Rethink Your Drink campaign cannot be independently assessed. However, it is noted on the CDPH website that “Rethink Your Drink messages are integrated into all of the NEOPB nutrition education campaigns and programs.”


Success Story

Additional Information

Website: The Rethink Your Drink website ( includes background information about the program and links to resources, the Rethink Your Drink curriculum, and training materials.

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