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We are currently not accepting intervention submissions; however, please sign-up below to express interest in submitting an intervention for review. We are currently in the middle of a review process for 2019; however, we will share updates about the next submission period as soon as they are available.

Review Important Dates!

Monday, January 7th Online submission form opens
Friday, March 1st at 5 PM EST Online submission form closes
Wednesday, March 13th – Friday, April 26th Interventions reviewed and scored
Friday, May 10th Intervention decisions announced
Monday, September 30th at 8 AM EST Interventions integrated into SNAP-Ed Toolkit


Access Training and Technical Assistance!


We hosted a webinar to discuss tips for applying the RE-AIM Framework to your application and submitting your intervention through the online submission portal. Watch the recorded tips webinar or view the tips slides here.

We hosted a training webinar for reviewers to learn how to use the scoring tool to review interventions. Watch the recorded reviewers webinar or review the reviewers slides here.


RE-AIM Training

The application uses the RE-AIM Framework to organize each section: Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance. To learn more about RE-AIM, visit or watch the RE-AIM Online Training.


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