New Interventions

All interventions included in the SNAP-Ed Toolkit are peer-reviewed for effectiveness, appropriateness for SNAP-Ed, and potential to advance racial, social, and health equity. We conduct this process annually.

The FY 2022 submission process is now closed. Important dates are listed below for FY 2022:

  • Sunday, March 20, 2022: Reviewers submit scores.
  • *Postponed* Monday, April 18, 2022: Intervention decisions announced
  • Summer 2022: New interventions added to SNAP-Ed Toolkit

Interventions that are recommended for inclusion through the peer-review process will also be added to the SNAP-Ed Connection Library as a “SNAP-Ed Toolkit Intervention.”

Access Training and Technical Assistance!

FY 22 Webinars

  • Submitting Your Intervention to the SNAP-Ed Toolkit
    • Watch the recorded webinar here or view the slides here.
    • The Toolkit team crafted responses to questions submitted during the webinar for others to review here: FY 22 Developer Training Q&A
  • Reviewing Interventions Submitted to the SNAP-Ed Toolkit
    • Watch the recorded webinar (click here) or view the slides (click here).
    • Read other reviewers’ responses to the reflection questions by viewing a PDF (click here) or the Jamboard (click here).

Previous Webinars

RE-AIM Training

The application uses the RE-AIM Framework to organize each section: Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance. To learn more about RE-AIM, visit or watch the RE-AIM Online Training.


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The FY 22 submission period is closed. Express your interest in submitting an intervention or learning more in FY 2023 by completing the form below. Check this page for updates on timelines and next steps.