A qualitative evaluation of UC CalFresh Plan, Shop, Save, Cook curriculum reveals additional outcomes


Nicoli, A.; Ganthavorn, C.; Mendoza, C.; Martin, A.; Neelon, M.; Kaiser, L.L.


UC ANR Cooperative Extension (UCCE) conducted six focus groups in 2013 with CalFresh-eligible adults to determine how to improve the existing evaluation method for the Plan, Shop, Save, Cook nutrition education classes. Focus group participants (n = 54) cited many behavior changes that are captured by the existing method. During the focus groups, changes in cooking practices and types of food purchased emerged as two domains that are not currently captured. A small pilot study conducted on 22 of the 54 focus group participants suggests that using a telephone interview to survey participants is a feasible and practical approach to collect follow-up data on long-term behavior changes. More rigorous follow-up studies may guide the development of policies aimed at increasing diet quality and food security of adult CalFresh participants. © 2016, University of California. All rights reserved.