Consumer Attitudes Towards Accepting SNAP Benefits at Farmers’ Markets


Zhao, Y.; Sawicki, M.; Kelly, P.; Kress, K.


Farmers’ markets provide access to healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables. This study surveyed farmers’ market customers, SNAP and non-SNAP, regarding their opinions about SNAP EBT, debit, and credit cards as payment; offering double value incentives; and factors that influence SNAP participant shopping behaviors. A total of 160 surveys were analyzed. All SNAP participants and a majority of non-SNAP participants agreed that farmers’ markets should accept SNAP EBT and would continue to shop at markets that accepted SNAP EBT. Farmers’ markets that offer SNAP EBT and double value create potential to increase fruit and vegetable intake and decrease the burden of disease among low-income families. While there may be farmers’ markets accepting SNAP EBT and offering double value incentives to increase the purchasing power of SNAP participants. It is vital that farmers’ market managers partner with SNAP Ed sites and communities to promote the acceptance of SNAP EBT at the market so that the SNAP participants are made aware. © 2019 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.