Determining eLearning Preferences to Inform Beverage Policy Training for Early Care and Education Teachers.


Cotwright CJ; Bradley H; Celestin N; Lee JS; Hall JN; Stotz S; Birch L


OBJECTIVE: To determine the eLearning preferences of early care and education (ECE) teachers for an effective beverage policy training. METHODS: Mixed methods study conducted with ECE directors and teachers in 6 regions throughout Georgia. Researchers used an eLearning survey (n = 646) along with focus groups (n = 6) and interviews (n = 24) to determine eLearning preferences and preferred eLearning format. Descriptive statistics and qualitative content analysis were used for data analysis. RESULTS: Most ECE teachers in Georgia (85%) have never had a beverage policy training. Participants (48%) reported they would definitely use the Internet for training. Qualitative analysis revealed key themes; training should be engaging, concise, hold the trainees accountable, and be interactive. Interactive video is the preferred eLearning format. CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS: Interventions that promote national beverage recommended in the ECE setting are critically needed. Study findings may inform other states about the feasibility of using eLearning to provide beverage policy training for ECE providers in other states.


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