Method for Scoring Dose of Multicomponent Interventions: A Building Block for Future Evaluations


Hewawitharana, S.C.; Kao, J.; Rider, C.D.; Talmage, E.; Costello, S.; Webb, K.; Gosliner, W.; Woodward-Lopez, G.


Schools are a critical setting for improving child nutrition and food security and preventing obesity in the United States. The U.S. Department of Agriculture mandates that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program–Education, known as CalFresh Healthy Living (CFHL) in California, implements obesity prevention efforts that utilize multicomponent policy, systems, and environmental change interventions supplemented with direct and indirect education. However, evaluation of these complex interventions has proven challenging due to a lack of established evaluation methods, particularly for comprehensively measuring the dose of multicomponent interventions. This article proposes and demonstrates a method to score the dose of multicomponent California Department of Public Health–funded CFHL school interventions received by children attending public schools, using administrative data collected by CFHL in California. © The Author(s) 2021.


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