Novel Sales Tracking Method to Evaluate a Healthy Corner Store Intervention


Sadeghzadeh, C.J.; Soldavini, J.; Uslan, D.; De Marco, M.


This article describes a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program—Education-funded (SNAP-Ed) healthy corner store intervention and novel evaluation method for tracking sales of promoted foods in two corner stores in North Carolina. The healthy corner store intervention was designed to encourage the purchase of healthy foods among SNAP participants. Stickers were placed on eligible foods to highlight healthy options as well as assist with tracking the sales of those products. Store staff removed the sticker and placed it on a tracking sheet that recorded the date, number of healthy foods purchased, whether the purchased item(s) contained a fruit or vegetable, and the type of payment. Storeowners were interested in participating and remained engaged throughout the program; however, there were challenges with fidelity to the intervention and its evaluation using the sticker method to track sales. Additional research on methods for evaluating healthy retail interventions that are simple, low cost, and feasible for retailers that do not have electronic sales data is needed. © 2018 Society for Public Health Education.


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