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Nutrition Environment Food Pantry Assessment Tool (NEFPAT): Development and Evaluation.


Nikolaus CJ; Laurent E; Loehmer E; An R; Khan N; McCaffrey J


OBJECTIVE: To develop and evaluate a nutrition environment assessment tool to assess the consumer nutrition environment and use of recommended practices in food pantries. METHODS: The Nutrition Environment Food Pantry Assessment Tool (NEFPAT) was developed based on a literature review and guidance from professionals working with food pantries. The tool was pilot-tested at 9 food pantries, an expert panel assessed content validity, and interrater reliability was evaluated by pairs in 3 pantries. After revisions, the NEFPAT was used in 27 pantries. RESULTS: Pilot tests indicated positive appraisal for the NEFPAT and recommendations were addressed. The NEFPAT's 6 objectives and the overall tool were rated as content valid by experts, with an average section rating of 3.85 ± 0.10. Intraclass correlation coefficients for interrater reliability were >0.90. CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS: The NEFPAT is content valid with high interrater reliability. It provides baseline data that could be valuable for interventions within the nutrition environment of food pantries.



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