Using Facebook Live to Enhance the Reach of Nutrition Education Programs


Adedokun, O.A.; Aull, M.; Plonski, P.; Rennekamp, D.; Shoultz, K.; West, M.


This Great Educational Materials article describes the University of Kentucky Nutrition Education Program (KYNEP) delivery of Healthy Choices for Every Body (HCEB), a nutrition education curriculum, through Facebook Live (Facebook, Inc, Menlo Park, CA) to extend the reach of nutrition education to low-income adults who face barriers in participating in face-to-face nutrition education classes. The purpose of this article was 2-fold: to demonstrate how to use Facebook Live to deliver a standard nutrition education program to low-income audiences, and to illustrate potential similar learning outcomes between in-person and Facebook Live delivery methods of the same nutrition education content.


SNAP-Ed Toolkit Intervention

Healthy Choices for Every Body Adult Nutrition Education Curriculum