Virtual Delivery of Fresh Conversations, a SNAP-Ed Program: Participant Perceived Impact and Satisfaction


Wong, L.Y.; Francis, S.L.; Hopkins, H.; Boudreau, H.


This four-month study evaluated the virtual delivery of Fresh Conversations (FC). Participants were community-residing Iowans ages 60+ years. They were placed in one of four meeting groups based on location and participant preference: Zoom™, Adobe Connect®, group-based Zoom™ meeting, and teleconference. Participants were invited to complete a post-meeting online survey. Data analyses were completed using data from the first survey completed by each participant (n = 115). Descriptive statistics assessed response frequencies for all questions. Chi-Square and Mann–Whitney U tests assessed the differences between groups. Overall, participants were “satisfied/very satisfied” (72.1%), learned something new (85.2%), and intended to make behavior change (79.1%); no differences were detected by the group for satisfaction or reported impacts. Only 24.3% reported technical difficulties; the Adobe Connect® group reported the most difficulties (p =.004). These findings suggest virtual delivery of FC is well-received and perceived to be effective by participants. © 2022 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.


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SNAP-Ed Toolkit Intervention

Fresh Conversations