These online resources teach about physical activity and provide at-home options for being physically active.


Physical Education

Online physical education resources that can be used for distance learning.

Open PE Youtube Channel This YouTube Channel is dedicated to OPEN professional development for physical education professionals.  By Online Physical Education Network. Adult
NCHPAD  Physical activity and wellness videos.  By NCHPAD. Adult
Move Your Way The Move Your Way tools, videos, and fact sheets on this page have tips that make it easier to get a little more active.  By ODPHP. Adult
Go4Life Workout Videos Resources designed to help you fit exercise and physical activity into your daily life.  By National Institute of Aging. Older Adult
ESBA Let’s Be Active Videos Videos of the Let’s Be Active segment of ESBA Lessons 2-9.  By Eating Smart Being Active. Adult
Shape America PA Resources PA resources for teachers/parents (includes monthly PA/health calendars).  By Shape America. Families
GoNoodle Games GoNoodle: GoNoodle Games a free online resource that provides tons of ways for kids and families to be active, stay mindful, and keep on learning!  By GoNoodle. Families
Exercise and Healthy Living Check list game.  By Exercise and Healthy Living. Families
Eat, Move, Win – Dairy Council – High School New online nutrition program for high school.  By Dairy Council. Youth
4-H Yoga 4 Kids Oklahoma 4-H has a YouTube Channel with each of the poses from 4-H Yoga for Kids.  Please feel free to use and share these resources if you would find them helpful.  By Oklahoma 4-H. Youth
Activity Works The Activity Works platform of 50+ videos is now available for schools and families at no cost. Get introduced to this easy-to-use platform that provides curricula-based, animated video adventures that advance whole child health.  Sponsored by Active Schools National Partnership. Youth
PhysEd TV Focused Fitness Workout Videos on PhysEd TV – PhysEd TV – New video content every week for elementary, middle school and high school students.  By PhysEd TV. Youth
Open PhysEd OPEN has one mission: to improve the effectiveness of physical education for every child. Their resources include: K-12 PE curricula, active classroom K-12, videos on specific fitness games, how to create an active home, and more.  By Open PhysEd. Youth
CDC Body and Mind Classroom Resources Body and Mind Classroom Resources for Teachers portal. This page contains a variety of information and resources for teachers of grades 4-8 to use in the classroom and help students make healthier lifestyle choices.  By CDC. Youth
Music and Dance – Healthy Kids Physical Toolkit Music and dance opportunities that can be downloaded and used as part of a curriculum, as a teacher-led, structured activity or as an activity to break up sedentary time.  By University of Nevada Reno Cooperative Extension. Youth
2020-2021 School Reentry Considerations:
K-12 Physical Education, Health Education,
Physical Activity
Provides schools with recommendations and considerations for school reentry for K-12 physical education, health education, and physical activity. It is full of examples and links to resources for three models of learning: in-school instruction with physical distancing, distance learning, and hybrid learning. Use with School Reentry Teaching Strategies Workbook.  By SHAPE America. Community Partners
2020-2021 School Reentry Considerations:
Teaching Strategies Workbook
SHAPE America’s Teaching Strategies Workbook will help you explore teaching strategies for health and physical education related to equity, inclusion and accessibility, SEL, and trauma-sensitive learning environment. It also includes an At-Home Student Survey template, which can help you learn more about your students and their home environment. The workbook is a companion document to the recently released 2020-2021 School Reentry Considerations: K-12 Physical Education, Health Education, and Physical Activity.  By SHAPE America. Community Partners
Kahoot! Teachers, students, businesses and parents all use Kahoot! for group learning, e-learning, distance learning, and self-study everywhere!  By Kahoot!. Families
Kids Health from Nemours This is a great website for videos to explain how different parts of the body work along with a variety of other resources for health education.  By Nemours. Families


Physical Activity at Home

Resources and videos that demonstrate exercises SNAP-Ed clientele can do at home to remain physically active.

Physical Activity Alliance Home PA Resources.  By Physical Activity Alliance. Adult
YMCA 360: On-Demand Videos Whether it’s a current Y favorite or something new to you, YMCA 360 matches your lifestyle with a growing library of online videos for you and your family.  By YMCA 360. Adult
Silver Sneakers Exercise videos and resources posted on Facebook page.  By Silver Sneakers – Facebook. Adult
Tai Chi for Beginners by Dr Paul Lam Enjoy this Free Lesson from Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Beginners.  By Dr. Paul Lam – Tai Chi Productions. Adult
Move Your Way: Tips for Getting Active Indoors Kids stuck in the house? Watch this video for tips to help your kids get physical activity when they can’t go outside.  By ODPHP. Adult
Power Up in 10 This video, produced by the California Department of Public Health’s Network for a Healthy California, is a strength training DVD for families that has 20 exercises. It can be used where space is a challenge, without equipment and includes nutrition tips to help you and your family stay healthy.  By CDPH. Adult
Playworks Play at Home The Work Play Balance Playbook is designed to leverage the power of play to engage adults (with or without kids) at home. Playworks aims to keep our community moving and playing at a time when it is needed most — like during the COVID-19 pandemic — and beyond.  By Playworks.  


All Ages

Hip Hop Public Health Videos Explore video and audio resources based health category, such as movement, nutrition, and mental health.   By Hip Hop Public Health. All Ages
ACE Fitness Series A series of at home workouts for adults.  By American Council on Exercise (ACE). Adult
CDC PA Breaks for the Workplace This is a resource guide to help integrate physical activity into the workday. Many of the concepts can be used at home, including chair exercises, dance, office workouts, and group energizers.  By CDC. Adult
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Learn how to perform common stretches and exercises with these short videos.  By U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Adult
Fuel Up to Play 60 Resources for home use.  By Fuel Up to Play 60. Families
10 At Home Learning and Movement Activities – At home learning and movement activities.  By Phys. Ed. Review. Families
Activity Tracker Log Here’s a Tracker Log to help you keep physically active every day.  By Food Play. Families
fitBoost You’ll automatically get a randomized set of three activities that will get your body moving. First, you’ll see a warm-up activity like taking a one-minute dance break. Second, you’ll get a movement activity to increase heart rate with instructions for proper form and technique. Lastly, you’ll do an activity to cool your body down and lower your heart rate. Something like a simple stretch, with instructions for proper technique. You even have the option to use a timer, or turn it off and move at your own pace.  By Sanford Fit.  


Alliance for a Healthier Generation PA Resources PA resources for families to use.  By Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Families
BEPA 2.0-Be Physically Active Today Short Activity Breaks for Kids.  By Oregon StateUniversity. Youth
Stanford Fit Stanford fit is a health activation program from Sanford Health, developed to empower children and parents to make healthy lifestyle choices that help prevent childhood obesity. The fit platform was developed using a combination of the latest scientific and behavioral research designed to educate, motivate, and inspire children of all ages to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  By Stanford Health. Youth
Alphabet Yoga 1, 2 and 3 Three videos demonstrating how to do yoga poses that take the shape of letters. Great for younger children who are learning their letters and words that start with those letters.  By Taught by Marisa Kaplita, serving with New London Public Schools in New London, CT. Youth
Ready-to-Go Take Home Packet for Secondary Health and PE The Ready-to-Go Take Home Packet is designed for teachers to download so they have a collection of ready to use activities that they do not have to spend time searching for. The secondary activities in this packet do not require internet and include physical education and health education that are designed to be done over the course of a week.  By SHAPE America. Youth
Focus Brain Breaks This link takes you directly to a Dropbox folder with resources for grades K-12 including Brain Breaks and videos.  By Pure Edge! – SHAPE America partner. Youth
Move, Play, and Learn at Home – Pre/K Activities These 25 activities teach families the importance of physical activity for young children. They offer a variety of ideas, strategies, information and resources for parents to use the space within their homes, the materials they have, and their limited time to model and encourage physical activity.  By SHAPE America. Youth
BOKS At Home Activity Packs BOKS Foundation (affiliated with REBOK) has developed a wealth of virtual physical activities to make sure we all keep moving for better health. The BOKS Summer Fun Pack is designed for children in Kindergarten through Grade 9; it allows kids to design their own adventures and choose from a multitude of enriching activities every day. Reaching an older age range, BOKS Summer Bootcamp, created for teens and young adults, provides six weeks of physical activity guided by Reebok Fitness Experts; entirely equipment-free and highly modifiable to suit all fitness levels. Both resources can be downloaded at their At-Home page.  By BOKS. Youth
SPARKhome Create a FREE account at to access 3 weeks of materials (15 per program: Early Childhood, K-2, 3-6, Middle School, High School) to keep students active & healthy. We also encourage parents to create a free account so they can directly access the materials.  By SPARK. Youth
Alliance for a Healthier Generation PA videos Physical activity resources including PA videos that can be done in virtual classrooms or at home. Videos are performed by professional athletes.  By Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Youth
Open PhysEd Active Classroom Resources FREE physical activities that are easy to implement in the classroom or via Zoom. Activities include instructional cards with social and emotional vocabulary words and video demonstrations to help teachers and students follow instructions.  By Open PhysEd. Youth
Classroom PA Video Series – The Wellbeing Partners at University of Nebraska Omaha This e-Learning course was designed for classroom teachers, after school providers, and other youth-serving organizations looking to increase classroom physical activity. While this information will always be applicable, special consideration was paid to current COVID-19 restrictions, including how to include physical activity in a virtual classroom setting.  By The Wellbeing Partners at University of Nebraska Omaha. Youth
OPEN PhysEd Fitness Journal This is a two-week home journal that students complete at home. Each day includes a daily activity challenge, Tabata-style activity intervals and SEL journal exercise. A great resource.  By OPEN PhysEd. Youth
Support Real Teachers – PE at Home Website promotes quality physical education through advocacy and free access to information and resources. Based on the national standards from SHAPE America, and guidelines from national organizations.  By Support Real Teachers. Youth
Staying Active While Social Distancing: Questions and Answers Physical activity can provide immediate benefits. Physical activity can help to boost your mood, reduce stress, improve sleep, and sharpen your focus — benefits that can be especially important during stressful times. Physical activity can also help you live a longer, healthier life by reducing the risk of many common chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes and some cancers.  By ODPHP. All Ages
Champions for Change YouTube Channel Short PA videos available in Spanish and English.  By Champions for Change. All Ages
Prerecorded Eat Smart Be Active Video Lessons-New Mexico State New Mexico State University has prerecorded video lessons in English and Spanish for Eating Smart, Being Active curriculum.  By New Mexico State University. All Ages
NCHPAD Various videos for inclusive workouts for youth and adults.  By NCHPAD. All Ages
Shape of Yoga This video, produced by the California Department of Public Health’s Network for a Healthy California, is a nutrition and physical activity DVD for families. It is a great way to build up strength and flexibility and can be done without any special equipment, anywhere. There are 10 original Shape of Yoga poses and 10 additional exercises that will help you become stronger and more flexible.  By CDPH Network for a Healthy California. All Ages
FITNESSGRAM – The Cooper Institute For nearly five decades, The Cooper Institute has provided the science behind the philosophy that exercise is medicine and shown the world the positive effects that health and fitness have on our quality of life. We INVESTIGATE the relationship between fitness and wellness, INFORM the public of the latest findings, and INSPIRE the world to lead healthier lives now, and well into the future.  By The Cooper Institute – YouTube Channel. All Ages
DAREBEE Video Exercise Library A collection of +100 exercise demonstration videos developed by exercise specialists. Great for older youth and adults.  By DAREBEE. All Ages.
UC Health A collection of wellness videos ranging from 1-5 minutes. These are great to relieve tension and can be done sitting at a desk.  By UC Health Integrative Medicine All Ages
USDA Exercise and fitness resources.  By USDA All ages
Moving More at Home by Alliance For A Healthier Generation Help families move more with our free tools, resources, games, activities, and more designed to make physical activity easy and fun for all!  By Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Families
Action for Healthy Kids 40 Tips for an Active Family. This is a great resource to get kids active.  By Action for Healthy Kids. Families





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