RE-AIM Online Training

The RE-AIM Online Training is a web-based module that provides instruction and case examples to illustrate the five dimensions of the RE-AIM framework: Reach, Effectiveness or efficacy, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance. The RE-AIM framework is useful for planning new interventions, adapting existing interventions, and designing evaluations that assess the potential public health impact of interventions. The module provides users with examples of real-life application to policy/environmental change interventions. The following documents include additional resources that support the online module:

  • The RE-AIM Summary Table explains how each RE-AIM dimension is measured, examines what factors influence each dimension, and provides improvement strategies for each dimension. It is recommended to have a copy of this Table available when proceeding through the RE-AIM Online Training.
  • The RE-AIM Notes Template is designed to help you think about how RE-AIM can be applied to your work and should be available when taking the online training. You will be asked to stop and think about the RE-AIM dimensions in the context of the work you do, would like to do, or have already done.
  • The RE-AIM Training References includes the references used in the online module.

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