Evidence-Based Public Health Evaluation: Evaluating the Program or Policy


This webinar and training material are designed to provide an overview of evaluation for local health department staff. The main objectives of the webinar were to understand the basic components of program evaluation, describe the differences and unique contributions of quantitative and qualitative evaluation, understand the various types of study designs useful in program evaluation, describe concepts of measurement validity and reliability, identify some advantages and disadvantages of various types of data, and describe some of the steps involved in conducting qualitative evaluations. The presenter of the webinar is Jennifer Leeman.


Center for Training and Research Translation (Center TRT)


Type Description URL
Webinar 1.5-hour Webinar Recording https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=NBy7NIDqCOs&feature=emb_title
Material Webinar Slides http://www.centertrt.org/content/docs/Training_Webinars/EBPH_Evaluation/Module_9-_Evaluation_Webinar_Slides.pdf
Material Datasources Sheet http://www.centertrt.org/content/docs/Training_Webinars/EBPH_Evaluation/Datasources_Sheet_for_webinar_participants.pdf
Material Evaluation Planning Grid http://www.centertrt.org/content/docs/Training_Webinars/EBPH_Evaluation/Evaluation_Planning_Grid_FINAL.pdf
Material Research Designs Handout http://www.centertrt.org/content/docs/Training_Webinars/EBPH_Evaluation/Research_Designs_Handout_Final.pdf



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May 15, 2013