The Role of Racial Equity in SNAP-Ed Part 3: What does equity look like within an organization? Advancing equity through recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion


This is the third in a series of trainings on how to advance equity in SNAP-Ed programming and administration. In this training, the focus is on internal workplace equity, specifically related to hiring and retention practices.

Upon completion of this training, attendees will be able to:1) Identify 2 practices that their organization can implement to advance equity in internal workplace policies related to recruitment, hiring and retention.2) Describe three strategies to work within your human resources system to write job descriptions and conduct recruitment and hiring with an equity lens, for example, how to include lived experience as a job requirement.3) Identify their sphere of influence and how their decisions can impact equity within their organization related to employee hiring and retention.


ASNNA Race, Health + Social Equity Committee and SNAP-Ed Toolkit Team

SNAP-Ed Toolkit Team:


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June 30, 2022