The Role of Racial Equity in SNAP-Ed Part 4: Equity Considerations for Conducting Needs Assessments


This webinar and associated materials is the fourth in a series of webinars on how to advance equity in SNAP-Ed programming. In this webinar, we will be looking at developing regional and local needs assessments with an equitable approach. Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will be able to 1) Describe at least two components of equity that can be addressed through thoughtful needs assessment design; 2) Identify ways that needs assessments have maintained the status quo in the past and strategies to prioritize community needs over agency needs; 3) Develop needs assessment processes that advance equity and redistribute power. The presenters include Cheri Nemec from Great Lakes Tribal Council (Wisconsin), Beatriz Botello and Stephanie Russell from Oregon State University, Mariela Hernandez from Orange County Food Council (North Carolina), and Mariah Brown-Pounds from Washington State University.  

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ASNNA Race, Health + Social Equity Committee and SNAP-Ed Toolkit Team

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September 22, 2022