The SNAP-Ed Toolkit is moving!

The Toolkit and its resources, including evidence-based interventions and the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework, will soon be housed within the SNAP-Ed Connection website. Please look for future communication regarding that transition. Thanks. — The Toolkit Team


In 2022, the SNAP-Ed Toolkit added 13 new evidence-based interventions for SNAP-Ed Implementing Agencies to explore in FY 22!

Find them by searching for interventions marked “NEW!” on the List of Interventions page.


Play the video below for a quick summary of the new interventions.



  • Tennessee State University Diversity Photo Database: A collection of images of families and communities of color engaged in exercise, healthy eating, shopping, playing, and enjoying family time together. To address an important need for SNAP-Ed programs to represent the communities and families they serve, TSU SNAP-Education developed its own diversity database comprised of images from their own photo shoots. These photos can be licensed by other SNAP-Ed agencies in direct education, PSE, and social marketing materials to increase representation in their programs. Contact Shea Austin to learn more at
  • Steps to Health and Faithful Families, Thriving Communities Communities Moving Together: A Guide to Facilitating Community-Led Walk Audits: A walk audit guide to help low-income communities facilitate community-led walk audits to identify opportunities for improvements to the built environment (ST5: Need and Readiness). Contact Lindsay Haynes Maslow to learn more
  • The Cooking Matters (CM) on Facebook content is designed to communicate effective nutrition and food resource management messages for the subset of the SNAP-Ed audience that parents and/or provides care for children under the age of six. The CM Facebook page regularly publishes seasonal recipes, tips for food planning and cooking, related videos, and live events. CM social posts focus on easy, healthy recipes to prepare on a limited budget, live events that include recipe and skill demos from experienced CM instructors, and a variety of videos addressing caregivers’ barriers to healthy eating and encouraging positive behaviors like meal planning, involving kids in the kitchen, and making healthy foods available for snacking. Contact to learn more.