Eat Together, Eat Better (ETEB)

The Eat Together, Eat Better (ETEB) is a direct education and social marketing campaign designed to promote family meals using three main themes: Celebrate Together, Cook Together, and Talk Together. ETEB resources support nutrition, parent, and youth educators in teaching the importance of family meals in “setting roots for a lifetime.” Participants discuss the benefits of family meals, discover new ways to enjoy more family meals and increase their motivation to incorporate family meals into their routine.

Target Behavior: Healthy Eating

Intervention Type: Direct Education, Social Marketing

Cooking Matters at the Store

Cooking Matters at the Store is a free program of the No Kid Hungry campaign that empowers families to stretch their food budgets so their children get healthy meals at home. Cooking Matters at the Store is a guided grocery store tour that teaches low-income adults how to get the most nutrition for their food dollars.

Target Behavior: Healthy Eating, Food Insecurity/Food Assistance

Intervention Type: Direct Education

CHOICES, Contra Costa Child Care Council’s Best Practices

The CHOICES intervention provides tools to assess and develop nutrition and physical activity policies in child care settings. The CHOICES team developed the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and the Best Practices Manual to help childcare centers develop comprehensive written nutrition and physical activity policies. The SAQ is a list of 35 best practices for childcare nutrition and physical activity environments. The four sections of the SAQ address nutrition, child feeding practices, foods served, physical activity, and staff and parent training.

Target Behavior: Breastfeeding, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity

Intervention Type: PSE Change


PE-Nut™ is a direct education and PSE change intervention that uses a whole-school approach to motivate students, parents, and educators to be physically active and eat healthier. Physical educators, classroom teachers and school administrators work together to improve nutrition and physical activity in K–5 school settings. The program consists of several components: quality physical education for students, nutrition education in the classrooms, take-home “healthy book bags”; daily school announcements; school and family newsletters; and parent engagement events. The overall goal of PE-Nut™ is to improve the school nutrition environment and affect healthy behavior change, including:

Individual Behavior Changes:

  • Increase participation in a physically active lifestyle.
  • Increase consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fat-free or low-fat milk or dairy products.
  • Balance caloric intake from food and beverages with calories expended (upper grades).
  • Try new foods.
  • Choose healthy snacks.
  • Wash hands before eating.

Classroom and School Environment:

  • Healthy Classroom Parties
  • Non-food rewards
  • School staff and Student role modeling
  • Healthy classroom and school wide messaging

Target Behavior: Healthy Eating, Physical Activity

Intervention Type: Direct Education, PSE Change

Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition (We Can!)

Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition (We Can!) is a national science-based education program designed for parents, caregivers, and communities to help children ages 8 to 13 years old maintain a healthy weight. We Can! focuses on the following behaviors:

  • Improved food choices
  • Increased physical activity
  • Reduced screen time

We Can! offers tips, fun activities, and resources to help parents and caregivers encourage these healthy behaviors in their family. It also offers organizations and health professionals with resources to implement science-based educational programming and activities for parents, youth and families in their community.

Target Behavior: Healthy Eating, Physical Activity

Intervention Type: Direct Education, Social Marketing

Retail Program

The Retail Program is a partnership between the Department of Public Health, local community health agencies, and neighborhood stores in California. This partnership aims to increase the availability, quality, affordability, and consumption of fruits and vegetables in low-income Californian communities. The Retail Program provides small-store retailers statewide with a unique variety of tools, resources, and outreach activities to inspire healthy change among their customer base. The program also provides retailers opportunities to increase fruit and vegetable sales, therefore improving their bottom line.

Target Behavior: Healthy Eating

Intervention Type: PSE Change, Social Marketing

Media-Smart Youth

Media-Smart Youth is an interactive direct education intervention designed to help youth ages 11 to 13 build skills in media analysis and media production and to understand how the media can influence their health, especially in regard to nutrition and physical activity. The goals of the program are to empower youth to:

  • Become aware of – and think critically about – media’s role in influencing their nutrition and physical activity choices.
  • Build skills that help them make informed decisions about being physically active and eating nutritious food in daily life.
  • Establish healthy habits that will last into adulthood.
  • Learn about media and create their own media products to educate their peers.

Target Behavior: Healthy Eating, Physical Activity

Intervention Type: Direct Education

Pick it! Try it! Like it! (PTL)

Pick it! Try it! Like it! (PTL) is a direct education and social marketing intervention which aims to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables by providing consumer information on selecting and preparing fresh produce. PTL materials are filled with tips for selecting, exploring, and cooking a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Factual information complements simple, healthy, and tested recipes. Colorful fact sheets, recipe cards, and educational videos provide educators and families with fun, engaging tools to enhance any dietary curriculum in a variety of settings.

Target Behavior: Healthy Eating

Intervention Type: Direct Education, Social Marketing 

New York State (NYS) Farm to Preschool

Farm to Preschool, a component of Eat Well Play Hard (EWPH), is a PSE Change intervention that focuses on an environmental approach to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Farm to Preschool objectives include (1) to increase parental access to locally grown produce and (2) to reduce the cost barriers to these healthy foods for parents with children in preschool and the staff who work there.

Target Behavior: Healthy Eating

Intervention Type: PSE Change; Direct Education